Hello everyone,

As my sister mentioned we were away over the weekend at the trade show in Chicago and it was a time of reconnecting, learning from our experience, shared clothes, beauty essentials, etc., because that is what sisters do for each other. On another note, we were successful in sales! You’ll be seeing us at Museums, a Bed and Breakfast and Napa Valley Boutiques. Thank you to all who have supported us!

 While in Chicago
Our rustic organic theme. While in Chicago
After a long day of work in front of the Merchandise Mart.

 While in Chicago
As my sister mentioned in yesterday’s post that we borrowed clothes, she wore this blouse in yesterday’s post which I borrowed.

 While in Chicago
I had to take a picture of the American flags in front of the Merchandise Mart as it set-forth our American Dream to be successful entrepreneurs with all of our endeavors.

Signature While in Chicago