DSC 0489 1024x680 With the Family
I apologize for the lack of postings lately. We finally finished remodeling our kitchen and I hope to be posting more food posts again. My husband also moved into a new office and our schedules have been conflicting which is why I haven’t been able to post any outfit posts. Here is a little glimpse of what I have been doing in the meantime, attending weddings, parties for my husband’s clients, remodeling of course, and scheduling art fairs for the holidays. I thought I would share some photos of a wedding we recently attended also so that you can meet my family on the hub’s side.


DSC 0453 1024x680 With the Family
His nieces.
DSC 0455 1024x680 With the Family
My beautiful sister-in-law and the girls.
DSC 0442 1024x680 With the Family
And here she is again with my brother-in-law (their son next to them putting on ear plugs he’s not so much into loud music).
DSC 0474 1024x680 With the Family
My father-in-law and the kids (the little one can’t help herself she had to give her brother the rabbit ears).
DSC 0481 1024x680 With the Family
Striking a pose for the camera.
DSC 0531 e1382538261688 680x1024 With the Family
The hub’s beautiful cousin.
DSC 0526 1024x680 With the Family
The bride and groom dancing to the traditional Lebanese dance.
DSC 0537 776x1024 With the Family
The hubs.
DSC 0533 693x1024 With the Family
What I wore.

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