DSC 1693 e1373290898223 678x1024 Yellow Mellow

Summer is definitely here and I’m celebrating with Yellow!

I own only two maxi skirts that I seldom wear because they are a little too casual.  So when I saw this skirt  in yellow it was like the maxi skirt heavens doors opened and it was a hallelujah moment.  As my style can be a cocktail casual meets polished, I tend to always wear an article that is of feminine and or of quality.  I love the feeling knowing I can never be under dressed or over dressed and since it’s causal I’m always comfortable which lately, that has been my priority.  How about you ladies?  Have you narrowed down your style? Need some tips, just comment below and take a peek.

DSC 0001 e1373291581549 678x1024 Yellow Mellow

Sunnies: Ray Ban aviator| Chambray: Banana Republic| Purse: Tory Burch love this one| Skirt: Ann Taylor love this one| Wedges: Ralph Lauren

DSC 1688 e1373291155751 678x1024 Yellow Mellow

CSC 0030 e1373291283642 680x1024 Yellow Mellow

DSC 0018 e1373291431274 678x1024 Yellow Mellow

Signature Yellow Mellow